The Frazier School District encompasses 59 square miles of northwestern Fayette County.

The district is comprised of several residential communities including:  historic Perryopolis,

Newell Borough, Star Junction, Lower-Tyrone, Jefferson and Perry Townships.  It is located

approximately 30 miles south of Pittsburgh on Route 51, in the scenic Laurel Highlands.  The

Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers flow through the district and the National Hike and

Bike Trail provides the nucleus of an excellent recreational center.


Below are some highlights of the Frazier School District:


           Frazier  was selected as a “Model School District” in 2003, 2004 and 2005

            by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the International

            Center for Leadership in Education as one of the School Districts in the

            United States that are most successful at assisting all students to achieve

            continued growth towards proficiency


           Standard and Poor’s 2005 analysis of Pennsylvania School Districts

            listed Frazier  as a district “that consistently outperforms demographically

            similar school districts or peers due to:

                        1)         Achieving higher levels of student proficiency

                                    than peers – on state standards

                        2)         Performing at a level that significantly exceeds

                                    statistical expectations

                        3)         Performs at this level for at least two [2] consecutive years.


           “Standard and Poor’s 2004 analysis indicates that the Frazier School

            District  is one of 24 districts in Pennsylvania that exceeds the state

            averages for PSSA mean scores and passing rates, despite serving an

            above-average proportion of economically disadvantaged students.  This

            district may serve as a valuable source of effective strategies and

            practices for other districts in Pennsylvania that are looking for ways to

            improve student performance.”  [view report]


           “The district’s passing rate [for PSSA] is 79.3%, which is well above the

            state average of 60.4%.”  Statewide, only 6.0% of Pennsylvania’s school

            districts report a greater proportion of PSSA passing rates, according to



           Frazier  earned the highest PSSA mean scores, passing rate and number

            of students in the Advanced category in Pennsylvania for districts that

            were equal to, or had higher numbers of, economically disadvantaged

            students, according to STANDARD AND POOR’S 2004 Report


           “The district’s percentage of PSSA scores that fall in the Advanced per-

            formance level is 32.8%.  This is well above the state average of 19.2%.

            Statewide, only 6.8% of Pennsylvania’s school districts reported higher

            proportions of PSSA scores in the Advanced performance range,”

            according to STANDARD AND POOR’S 2004 Report


           Frazier’s proportion of students receiving scores of 3 [passing] or higher,

            on a scale of 1 to 5 on AP exams, is 66.6%.  This is above the state average

            of 48.6%, according to STANDARD AND POOR’S 2004 Report


           Frazier School District  recognized by STANDARD AND POOR’S School

            Evaluation as one of only 51 school districts in Pennsylvania that have

            made “Consistent and Significant Improvement” in state test scores for

            years 1996-1997 through 2000-2001


           Frazier received the 2002 AND 2003 Eberly Foundation Award for

            Academic Excellence, given by Fay-Penn Economic Development Council


           The Educational Policy and Issues Center’s 2002 State of Education

            Report highlights Frazier as a district doing an excellent job in improving

            student performance  [view report]


           STANDARD AND POOR’S gave Frazier School District its highest

            financial rating of 1+, based on quality of management, reserves and

            control of expenditures


           Frazier High School has earned three state academic achievement awards


           Central Elementary School earned the Governor’s Achievement Award

            for three consecutive years of significant academic improvement


           Frazier Middle School has earned three state academic achievement



           Perry Elementary School has earned one state academic achievement



           Frazier  Middle School and High School have also earned state

            attendance improvement awards


           Frazier Stands Out in Test-Score Comparison”  [Herald-Standard]


           Frazier Students Make Big Strides in Testing Results” [Herald-Standard]


           Frazier’s Computer Program Prepares Students for Future” [Daily Courier]


           Frazier Successfully Applies Technology to Learning – District Shows Off

            Leaps in Technology”  [Herald-Standard]


           Frazier’s Classes Prepare Kids for Advances in Computer Field” [Daily Courier]


           Frazier’s student technology teams won First and Third Place in the 2002

            Pennsylvania Computer Fair


           Frazier has Full-Day Kindergarten



Phone Numbers:

District Mailing Address:

High School [724]  736-4426

142 Constitution Street

Middle School [724]  736-4428

Perryopolis, PA  15473-1390

Central Elementary School [724]  326-4576


Perry Elementary School [724]  736-4391





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